This Baseball Player Chose His Family Over A $13 Million Contract

This Baseball Player Chose His Family Over A $13 Million Contract


Money talks, but not loud enough for one baseball player who has turned down a multi-million dollar contract — all because he considers his family should come


Adam LaRoche declared his retirement from baseball after Chicago White Sox president Kenny Williams requested him to cut back on bringing his 14-year old son Drake to work.

Chicago Tribune

LaRoche is walking away from a whopping $13 million, the remaining sum on his two-year $25 million contract, based on USA Today.

LaRoche declared his retirement with the hashtag #FamilyFirst on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Williams secured his position, telling Fox Sports: “I requested Adam, said, ‘Listen, our focus, our interest, our want this year will be to make sure we give ourselves every chance to concentrate on a daily basis on becoming better. All I’m requesting you to do with regard to bringing your child to the ballpark is dial it back.’”

He included: “We all believe his child is a young man that was great. I simply believed it shouldn’t be every day, that’s all. You tell me, where in this state can you bring your kid daily to work?”

But LaRoche’s teammates have stood beside him, rallying around the sports star on Twitter.

Did LaRoche did he do the right thing or overreact? Tell us in the opinions.