“When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist”: Clint Eastwood on...

“When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist”: Clint Eastwood on why he’s voting for Donald Trump


In an interview in September’s “Esquire,” movie star and chair-whisperer Clint Eastwood talked honestly about how he’d like to be able talk a lot more honestly without being accused of racism or sexism.

Eastwood said ” but then started into a comprehensive, if horrific, explanation of Trump’s ostensible appeal when inquired if believed Donald Trump appropriated his trademark scowl.

“He’s onto something,” he said, “because in secret everybody’s becoming tired of political correctness, kissing upward. That’s the kissass generation we’re in right now. We’re actually in a generation that is pussy.”

Eastwood included that everybody that was “ ’s walking on eggshells. We see folks accusing people of being racist and all types of things. Those things were as soon as I grew up

After describing his happiness upon reading the “politically incorrect” script of “Gran Torino” for the very first time, Eastwood said that while he won’t be supporting Trump, he’ll be voting for him.

Is he’s simply saying what’s on his head. And occasionally it’s not great. And occasionally it’s — I can recognize ” he said where he’s coming from. Which is, based on a racist place, the media.

“ because he’s talked about this judge He’s a racist,” Eastwood said, “and yeah, it’s a stupid thing to say. I mean, to predicate your view on the fact the man was born to Mexican parents or something. He’s said lots of things that are stupid. Thus have them all. Both sides. But everybody — the press and everybody’s going, ‘Oh, well, that’s racist, they and ’ ’re making a huge hoodoo out of it. Only fucking get it over. It’s a depressing time in history.”