David Beckham ‘Bails Out Wife Victoria’s Fashion Empire’

David Beckham ‘Bails Out Wife Victoria’s Fashion Empire’


Courtesy of WENN Newsdesk

David Beckham has apparently bailed out his wife Victoria Beckham’s trend empire after her high end designer brand lost $6 million in only one !

Beckham started her new $4.8 million shop in London’s posh Mayfair district in 2014, with the luxury high end store including a VIP place and art by British designer Damien Hirst adorning the walls.

Nevertheless, after a seemingly unsatisfactory few months for the ex-Spice Girl, her husband can be said to have stepped in to help, giving her $8.3 million to push through the difficult time.

Chartered accountant Robert Leach told Britain’s The Sun paper: “The reports indicate it’s a transfer of operations between firms possessed by Victoria and David. In effect the gains between themselves are just transferring !

Reports of a rough financial year are in sharp comparison to 2014, in which Victoria’s trend brand – which contains her couture and ready to wear sets – made a turnover of $54 million.

David Beckham is the maximum paid former sportsman in the world, as a result of his deals with businesses including Adidas, H& other business ventures, along with M and high-end watch company Breitling. Forbes magazine reported he was worth more than $81.2 million last year.

The couple have gone from strength to strength since found their ‘second’ professions, but are reliant on David’s personal income. Last year, his businesses made a $20.3 million gain, the paper reports.

A representative for the couple have yet to comment.