The Top 10 Rich, Powerful and Powerfully Sexy

The Top 10 Rich, Powerful and Powerfully Sexy


Rich, powerful and enviously good-looking? Yes, these f*ckers will make you want to curl up in the fetal position in a dark corner with a paper bag over your head. So what if they are industry leaders, innovators and billionaires? They’ll still steal your girl (or boy). Here are the top ten (loathsomely) sexy CEOs.

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1. Sexy Hipsters

OK, this is a twofer but you really can’t separate these hipster-licious BFFs (oh, and co-CEOs). Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa are co-founders and co-CEOs of Warby Parker, named after a character in a Jack Kerouac book. Yes, the company is named after an original ‘hipster’ writer’s work; that’s how hipsters they are. And it creates round tortoiseshell hipster eyewear. If you’re into introverted millionaires and a bit of a freak, these guys are perfect. I told you they’re inseparable.

Image source: New York Post

2. Gwyneth Paltrow’s hot sister

Marissa Mayer a flaxon-haired, slim-framed ass-kicker and name taker. She made a name for herself at Google as one of the first hires, who climbed to vice president. Then she jumped over to Yahoo! with her all-to-expensive-a**-kicking pumps, revamped Flickr, and bought Tumblr. Statuesque body and brains to boot. And all I can date are the crazies.


Image source: iDownloadBlog

3. Jack Dorsey

If mysterious and millionaire is your cup of tea, Dorsey is your man. Equal parts introvert, nerd and fashion-forward tech guy, Dorsey sits at the top of the Twitter-verse as CEO. With a perpetual five o’ clock shadow and fashionista’s flair, you can definitely assume he’s starred in his fair share of inappropriate dreams.

Image source: Fast Company

4. Italy’s Nasty Gal

Before you make me a pariah, Nasty Gal is the company that Sophia Amoruso leads. It has nothing to do with the fact that she seems like she stepped out of an gritty artsy European flick with her choppy hairdo, model-like body and face that would make Fellini have (yet another) existential crisis. Her online-based hip fashion company creates edgy hip clothes so others can follow in her (still smoldering) footsteps.

Image source: The Hollywood Reporter

5. Amanda Peyton

Peyton has created a website that is equal parts Etsy and Kickstarter, and dedicated to tech innovation. Her website Grand St. creates a community for tech innovators and a platform to promote their wares. As if her beautiful visage and warm smile wasn’t enough to steal any tech geek’s heart, she also wants to create an Iron Man-type computer. [Swoon].

Image source: CNBC

6. Tue Mantoni

If you are connoisseur of the finer things in life, Mantoni might be your preferred dish. Baby-faced and tailor suit-clad, Mantoni is the CEO of super-high-end sound tech company Bang & Olufsen. I know there is an inappropriate joke in there, but I’m going to keep it classy. If clean-cut and elegant is your glass of champagne, then you might dream of Mantoni Banging your Olufsen. I’m sorry, I couldn’t; it was right there. At least I tried.

Image source: Berlingske

7. Chris Salgardo

A self-proclaimed ‘power-bear,’ Salgardo is CEO of the Kiehl’s luxury cosmetics. Equal parts James Dean and (young pre-insanity and balloon-like) Marlon Brando, he is an avid motorcyclist. A bada** and a gentleman; not bad Mr. Salgardo.

Image source: Chris Salgardo

8. Elon Musk

Sometimes sexiness is purely based on intellect and bada**ery. Musk is one such example; he is CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Telsa is an electric sports car company and Space X is a venture which attempts to make private space flight possible. So, not only can he drive you around town without a carbon footprint, he can (in the near future) be able to take you to Mars for cocktails. Take that, Mr. Multimillionaire who takes all his girlfriends to lame Paris.

Image source: Dazeinfo

9. Travis Kalanick

CEO of Uber (a GPS-based taxi-hailing service), Kalanick could easily give Taylor Lautner a run for his money in the sexiness department. Part competitive business barracuda and squinty lead man, I’m sure Kalanick has quite a few people that would love to be picked up by him. That’s a joke, by the way, because taxis pick you up…; and when you go home with someone you met at the bar, that’s also called ‘picking someone up’. Nevermind, you’re not even listening, are you? Oh, for Pete’s sake, close your mouth, you’re drooling on your keyboard.

Image source: Sun-Times

10. Claire Chambers, Sexy on Sexy

Although the last entry on the list, I want to leave you, my dear and dedicated reader, with the sexiest woman in the sexiest line of business. For anyone playing at home, that is barrels worth of sexy. Chambers is founder of luxury lingerie brand Journelle that has been forecasted to give Victoria and her Secret a run for her money. As if her golden age Hollywood starlet looks weren’t enough, she is also a self-proclaimed ‘lifelong lingerie connoisseur.’ Yowza!


Image source: Journelle

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