Young Feminist Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Young Feminist Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Oslo| The Secretary General of the Council of Europe and President of the Norwegian Nobel Comity, Thorbjrn Jagland, totally surprised the media with the announcement of the names of the candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013. Astonishingly, 4-year old danish feminist activist Alwine Rasmussen was included in the final list of seven names, making her the youngest nominee in the history of the prize.

This young girl really is a glimmer of hope for the planet explains Mr Jagland. The intensity of her values and her convictions is so rare and precious, shes like a mix between Rambo and a Carebear. Shes adorable! We had to consider her nomination!

The young girl has become internationally known over the last two years due to her militant videos that have gone completely viral, inspiring thousands of other young girls around the world to mobilize.

I hate boys explains Alwine Rasmussen in a desperate call for World Peace. They stink, theyre stupid, theyre rude, they never let us play with them… I hate them! Girls are better. Girls Rule! We should get rid of the boys and make the world pink!