17 Lovely Summer Inspired Nails Art Design Tutorials


    Staying right to the spirit of summer, beside all the beautiful dresses and hot shorts in wardrobe, cute braided hairstyles and sweet make up, one thing that cannot be forgotten and should be in the way of summer season are well nailed, following the current trend. Summers ask for more refreshing and energizing colors and hues. Continuously there are new and innovative trendy ways for applying nail varnish and playing with colors and arts. Every young girl and all the women who want to be noticed and appreciated from the people in their company, and want to feel pretty and attractive in their own skin are always well informed about what is new in manicure world and are happy to try them on personal nails. There are creative, funny and adorable techniques and tactics you can learn this time by following and watching great tutorials, which when practiced will look perfectly. If you are looking for some inspiration for next manicure and want to be prepared for the vacation, then scroll down and take a look at some fabulous nail art ideas to rock this summer. Choose from ice cream trucks, palm trees, ocean motives and bring some fun to your fingerprints.

    1. Flash the peace sign

    nails 1source

    2.Stamping color mix

    nails 2source

    3. Summer stripes

    nails 3source

    4. Overlapping colors

    nails 4source

    5. Mellon Moons

    nails 5source

    6. Boho style

    nails 6source

    7. Blocked Off

    nails 7source

    8. Cheerful and colorful

    nails 8source

    9. Rainbow drops

    nails 9source

    10. Starfish nail design

    nail 10source

    11. Interesting and unique design

    nails 11source

    12. Beach beauty

    nails 12source

    13. Delightful ice cream manicure

    nails `13source

    14.Summer sunset

    palm 14source

    15. Playful nails

    nails 15source

    16. Fruit Nails

    nails 16source

    17. Ocean inspiration

    naisl 17source

    nails 4