7 Ways to Naturally Increase Immunity

7 Ways to Naturally Increase Immunity



Finding ways to increase immunity from infection is something that should be high up on everybodys personal agenda. Have you ever stopped to think about why the person sat on the right of the man with a cold on the bus catches that cold, and yet the person sat on his left doesnt? Or why do some people at work, catch the cold that is going round whilst others dont? Well, its all about immunity, and the likelihood is, that those people who do not catch the cold, are those whose immune systems are working more efficiently.

Taking a Look at the Natural Ways to Boost Immunity

Your immune system function is no different from anything else your body does for you. It too can become rundown and unable to operate at its optimum. When this happens, germs and viruses can squeeze their way past it causing infection. But if you look after yourself by eating a healthy well-balanced diet, and exercising regularly, both you and your immune system will perform better. So were going to take a look at ways you can increase immunity, but because we also advocate a holistic healthy lifestyle, we are going to concentrate on the natural ways to boost immunity.

Top Tip No 1 The Good Old Fashioned Healthy, Well Balanced Diet

Although it might sound like the gramophone needles become stuck (for all you youngsters out there this is a reference to the old fashioned way of playing records what are records? Oh forget it!), you cant beat the good old-fashioned, well-balanced diet. It needs to contain:

  • Plenty of fresh fruit
  • Plenty of fresh green leaf vegetables
  • A good selection of nuts
  • A variety of organic white meat and fowl
  • Plenty of fresh fish (the oily kind is best like Herring and Mackerel)

One particular food that is great for boosting your immune system is mushroom; but not button mushrooms; were talking Maitake, Reishi, and Shitake. These all contain high levels of complex carbohydrates known as beta-glucans. These can enhance your immunity to various allergies and infections, and other serious illnesses such as cancer.

The things you need to avoid are:

  • Conventional Red Meats
  • Sugar
  • Processed and fast foods

You should also try to avoid most dairy products other than those that are raw and organic. Throughout all this, you must however be careful to ensure you get sufficient carbohydrates and protein. Both of these are available in many fruits and vegetables, but youll need to do some online research in order to find the best sources.

Advice to Feeding Moms

One little word of advice, which you may have heard before, and it relates to feeding moms. The best way of developing your babys immune system is by breastfeeding. This facilitates the transfer of the immunities you have developed in your life, so passing them on to your baby will boost his/her virgin immune system. Its by far the best way to increase immunity in infants.

Top Tip No 2 Chill Out

When you become stressed, your adrenal glands pump out various chemical substances to prepare you for the fight or flight syndrome. Thats all well and good, as far as being physically prepared is concerned. The problem is if you are subject to stress day in and day out, being constantly prepared for this fight or flight syndrome doesnt do your immune system any good at all. It simply wears it down. Its one of the reasons youll note, why people who are constantly stressed out and depressed, seem to catch any old viruses that are floating around.

Top Tip No 3 Regular Moderate Exercise

Regular moderate exercise is a good all round guy. It helps you to reduce stress; it helps you to keep fit; it helps you to moderate your weight, and it will increase immunity too.

By way of illustration, a recent research program took 150 women whom had gone through the change. Half of them were put on a program of light stretching, once a week, whilst the other half were inducted into a moderate exercise program, which they carried out five days a week. The research was carried out over 12 months, and at the end of the period it was found that the incidence of colds in the light stretch exercise group was three times higher than that of the ladies in the regular moderate exercise group.

Top Tip No 4 Get more Quality Sleep

Sleep is a time when our bodies recuperate and prepare themselves for the next day. Recuperating the powers of the immune system is done during sleep as well. Depriving yourself of sleep denies your immune system the time to recuperate sufficiently. So sleep to boost immunity is the order of the day.

Top Tip No 5 Have Fun

People who have more fun, and who socialize more, are less prone to illness. Yes, I know what youre going to say the more people you fraternize with more likely the chance of picking up an infection. Not so! A bunch of fiendish researchers recently injected a group of human guinea pigs with a cold virus. It transpired that the loners developed more severe cold symptoms, and sustained them over a longer period of time, than the mixers.

Top Tip No 6 Encourage Friendly Bacteria

Not all bacteria are harmful. The human gut is a great example. It contains lots of friendly bacteria, which help to break down, and digest the food we eat and the beverages we drink. When this friendly bacterium is encouraged and introduced into your body system by consuming things like natural probiotic yoghurt, the friendly bacteria outperforms and counteracts the harmful bacteria. They do in fact increase immunity.

Top Tip No 7 Top up your Vitamin D Levels

Vitamins D fulfils many functions, one of which is to increase immunity. However, many people today have a vitamin D deficiency, and this may well have to do with the fact that we are much more aware of exposure to the sun, which is a good source of vitamin D. That doesnt mean that you should take off all your clothes and go gamboling out into the sunshine to soak up more vitamin D. The dangers of overexposure to ultraviolet radiation outweigh the dangers of a vitamin D deficiency.

However, you can increase your levels of vitamins D, either through diet, or by taking a vitamin D supplement

Its a No Brainer

When you increase immunity you are taking a large stride on the road to holistic health. The better your immune system, the less infection, you will suffer, and the longer you are likely to live. Its a no-brainer