Missouri Squirrels Demand Right to Unionize

Missouri Squirrels Demand Right to Unionize


Missouri| The cute little park rodents from all over the state gathered yesterday in St-Louis to demand the right to form a legally recognized union.

The fairly noisy and agitated crowd counted thousands of individuals, united by a contagious enthousiasm.The squirrels demands seem fairly simple,they want to found a union to become elligible for ObamaCare, but governmental authorities fear this is but the point of the iceberg.

Once we give them the right to form their organisation, what will they ask for next, special lanes on the highway, retirement funds? I say stop it now! says Missouri governor, Jay Nixon.

The St-Louis Police Department used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd that set fire to dozens to vehicles and pillaged a handful of stores in the citys downtown area.