Rub This Two Fingers For 60 Second And See What Happen To...

Rub This Two Fingers For 60 Second And See What Happen To Your Body… Unbelievable!


We have all heard about reflexology, acupuncture, and massage therapies that originate from the Eastern medicine. Even though they have been used as healing practices for relieving pain, trauma, stress and treating different illnesses for thousands of years, they have only been accepted as feasible adjunct to Western medicine and culture recently.


According to the Complementary Therapies centre, one less known ancient Japanese healing practice known as “Jin Shin Jyutsu” has been considered to totally treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, sciatica and chronic neck and back pain. Mary Burmeister, an Asian-American woman, was the first woman to introduce this practice to the Americans in the 1950’s, after she met Jiro Murai, a specialist in the field in Japan.

The video attached describes and discusses this method, so you should take a look at it. This method actually consists of lightly pulling or squeezing each finger on your hand, in order to alleviate disabling emotional states including anger, fear, anxiety, depression and sorrow, going beyond the standard parameters. Each finger refers to different problem. This is an excellent add-on to other treatments that can help both adults and children to achieve their emotional and spiritual balance. If you try this method, let us know about your impressions and results.

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