Here’s How You Know If You’re A Crazy Cat Lady

Here’s How You Know If You’re A Crazy Cat Lady


Cats are proven sociopaths, but the Internet (and a select group of people) seem to love them anyway. We publicize their thievery, laugh at their rudeness and narcissism, and even build them body armor.

Crazy cat ladies (and gentlemen, probably. This isn’t a gender-specific thing, in reality) took to Whisper to talk about their odd behavior. If you recognize any of these scenarios, welcome to the club of crazy cat people.

  1. You probably qualify as a crazy cat lady if you’re entertained by your cat for hours.

  2. Sharing technology with your cats might be a cause for concern.

  3. Discussing your fashion choices with your cat is probably a warning sign.

  4. Discussing anything at all, really, is probably a red flag.

  5. You should probably be concerned if you think your cat can do no wrong.

  6. You might have a problem if you’re using your cats to mask deeper emotional pain.

  7. Owning too many cat-related items is pretty indicative of your cat-lady status.

  8. You might have a problem if you’re more concerned with your cat’s social life than your own.

  9. Having more than two cats is a pretty solid indicator.

  10. Lacking boundaries with your cat definitely qualifies as cat-lady behavior.

  11. You most certainly have a problem if your feelings turn romantic.

  12. Feeling a connection to cats on the Internet is a pretty clear indicator.

  13. Stalking your own cat is weird, unnecessary, and cat lady-like behavior.

  14. You might have a problem if you’re constantly worrying about your cat’s curfew.

  15. And, finally, thinking your cat is a human could be a red flag.