You’ll Be Afraid To Drive Again After Seeing How Teenage Drivers Act


    Teenage drivers are statistically more likely to cause a crash. This fact is hardly news to anyone, but we”re now able to observe exactly why this is thanks to a new study utilizing dashboard cameras.

    After analyzing nearly 1,700 videos in the moments leading up to a crash, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found distractions to be a factor in nearly 60% of moderate-to-severe crashes caused by teenage drivers. To help drive home the point of teen driving safety and to educate the public, the foundation put together this shocking video, featuring some of the worst instances of distracted driving ever captured.

    (source New Jersey 101.5/AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)

    Some of these drivers really lack common sense. This is especially true with the last girl in the compilation, who ran off the road while looking at her phone. She somehow managed to correct the car and get back into her lane, only to check her phone again while still moving. If she didn”t learn her lesson about distracted driving then, she might do so after being featured in this video.