These Genius Pumpkin Hacks Will Make This the Spookiest Halloween Ever


    These Genius Pumpkin Hacks Will Make This the Spookiest Halloween Ever {Video}

    Can you believe that Halloween is already just around the corner? This is a great time to go through our archives and check out some of the fabulous Halloween projects that we have curated over the years — like this house decor or this adorable list of Halloween costumes for babies.

    Today I want to share a couple of videos with you which teach you awesome hacks for carving your pumpkin! Most of these ideas are really simple and straightforward, yet they are all so smart.

    Personally, I have never been very good at pumpkin carving. It always sounds like a lot of fun going into the experience, but it generally just ends up being a mess. A lot of these tips and tricks are going to come in handy preventing a mess, and I’m also really excited to see that a number of these hacks help you get around using a carving knife (which isn’t really my strong suit). I just love the idea of using cookie cutters!

    I also have to say that the idea of using a dry erase marker is just genius. It is the simplest idea ever, and yet it never once occurred to me. I make so many mistakes while just planning what I am going to do; now I do not have to worry that that anymore.

    I hope you enjoy these videos and find them as useful as I am certain that I am going to this Halloween. Have fun, and happy carving!

    Videos by Buzzfeed and Freshgrwnd.