Chinese scientists announce cure to small genitalia syndrome

Chinese scientists announce cure to small genitalia syndrome


Chinese scientists have announced that they have discovered a cure to the wide spread JingJing syndrome, more commonly known as small genitalia syndrome (SGS).

« This discovery is fundamental in our understanding of how to control the length and width of genitalia in newborn babies. This could become a very profitable business if the claims are true » explains Dr. Fujihotu of the Berlin University. « People with small genitalia syndrome could be diagnosed before birth and thus, could be aborted » he explains « Saving hundreds of thousands of people from suffering the tragic syndrome ».

« If you don’t have it, you just can’t understand! » admits Wa tae Woo, a chinese man who has suffered JingJing syndrome since birth. « Every day is hell on earth! Every day, year after year, it never ends! » he confides.

The scientists are scheduled for 18 more months of vigorous testing before official approval and mass distribution can take place.