7 Things to Expect From a Trump Presidency

7 Things to Expect From a Trump Presidency


1) First things first… the stock market. The market HATES uncertainty. For a recent example of this check out the results post-Brexit stock charts. The market was SURE that the Brits would vote to stay in the European Union. When this proved untrue, the markets tanked. This was unprecedented. What would it mean?


The same thing will happen in the US. Hillary was a very pro-Wall Street candidate. They knew what to expect from her, which was more of the same. A continuation of the past eight years. Donald Trump, however is a different story. His Presidency is unknown. He promised to shake up Washington. He has promised to #draintheswamp What does that mean for Wall Street? Well, initially it will mean a decline. With the first inkling that Hillary did not have the election on lockdown like originally projected, the futures market plunged. The DOW futures were down over 800 at times, although this was fluctuating. Overall, we can likely expect volatility because uncertainty = volatility.

But besides the stock market there are some very key interactions with other countries we have to think about as well...have you heard about the wall??

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