Top 31 Skiing Destinations This Winter


    When it comes to winter sports, there’s nothing like skiing. If you’ve been wondering where you can go ski this winter, there are plenty of places that will meet your requirements. Whether you’re a beginner skier or an expert, you can find a great location. From Europe to North America and even Japan, there’s plenty of great places to ski. If you’re ready to find a new place to ski this winter, click here to start the slideshow.

    Jackson Hole

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    Routinely named one of the top 5 places to ski in the United States, Jackson Hole is a skier’s paradise. There are multiple places to ski in Jackson Hole, including the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, which is one of the destinations, and known for its great aerial tram. Even if you’re a beginning skier, there’s still plenty to love about the beauty of the area.