Men Tell All: Their Most Disastrous Dates EVER

Men Tell All: Their Most Disastrous Dates EVER


We’ve all had a bad date, haven’t we? Sometimes the person turns to be NOTHING like their picture, or maybe they spend the whole date talking about themselves. Bad dates seem like a rite of passage for many adults, and one horrible date can actually make you want to actually swear off dating completely. However, no matter how bad your date stories may be, they probably don’t touch these horrible stories! Just wait until you read about these horrible dates and hookups!

Hooking Up With the Ex-Boyfriend… On the First Date

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It takes some real cojones to walk out of a first date in order to hook up with an ex, but that’s exactly what happened to Redditor  TheNewGuyAgain and his date. They enjoyed a nice dinner and afterward hit up a bar. The woman mentioned that “Chad,” her ex-boyfriend, was also at the bar. After a few text messages Chad left the bar… and the woman announced she would now be heading to Chad’s house. To add insult to injury, the woman later called her date and said Chad wouldn’t let her in… and asked if she could come over to the date’s house! Needless to say, he said no.”

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