21 Things Doctors Couldn’t Believe They Were Asked

21 Things Doctors Couldn’t Believe They Were Asked


There are some things doctors just can’t believe they have to explain to their patients. If you’ve ever thought that you had an embarassing question for the doctor, you haven’t seen anything yet! These doctors’ stories are some of the most craziest, insane things that you will see happen at an appointment, and you’ll wonder why, with all of the information available online, they even happened! Stay tuned for the things doctors can’t believe they were asked or shown because doctors shared all on reddit, and you’ll be shocked! Click to start the slideshow now!

Syringes, Inhalers, and Birth Control, Oh My!

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According to jcludicrous, patients are routinely confounded by simple things like inhalers, syringes and birth control pills. People can’t understand how a five milliliter syringe holds more than a “longer and skinnier” one milliliter syringe. They frequently hold inhalers upside down. And in direct contradiction to the instructions on the box, they only take the pill on the days they have sex!

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