20 Times Food Service Customers Were HORRIBLE

20 Times Food Service Customers Were HORRIBLE


Vomit is an Occupational Hazard

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Being a bartender has its pros and cons, but by far the worst thing about it is when someone vomits all over the counter. One redditor once had to argue with a customer who was clearly too drunk to even be in a bar, let alone order another drink. The reason? “He had ordered one drink, gulped it down, and then puked everything in his belly up onto my bar. He then immediately forgot he had done this, and demanded to know where his drink was, argued with me that I had tossed it when he wasn’t looking, and that he hadn’t thrown up.”

The bartender had to point out that there was actual puke on the man’s lapel right now. Like drunks everywhere, he couldn’t remember how that ended up there.

Hamburger vs cheeseburger seems like a pretty easy thing to figure out, right? Let’s see if the next worst customer story can answer that!