The 19 Worst Retail Stories from Hell

The 19 Worst Retail Stories from Hell


If you have ever worked retail, then you probably know that providing great customer service is not always enough to satisfy every customer. Here are some stories about customers who were demanding, unreasonable or just plain rude. 

Free Fruit

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A grocery store has a policy of providing free fruit for kids. One night at 9:00 p.m. an angry mother approached the employee, redditor  itsanrnotau, with a complaint: there were no free bananas and the only fruit left in the free box was oranges! The clerk apologized and told her to just take a banana. But Angry Mom said “where do I make a complaint?” The clerk told her again to simply take a banana.

Angry Mom said her son only likes bananas, not oranges. The clerk apologized and told her to take a banana. However, Angry Mom proceeded to explain that her son, who hates oranges, ate part of an orange and then his skin got splotchy because he is allergic to them. The clerk told the mom not to give the kid any more of the orange.

Still, Angry Mom claimed she needed to make a complaint because her son also ate one of the orange seeds and it made him feel sick. The logical clerk said, “so don’t give him any more of the orange.” Angry Mom told the clerk off:  “I just think it’s disgusting how you don’t have any free bananas and that means children have to eat fruit they’re allergic to!” The exasperated clerk said “you shouldn’t have gave him the orange.” Angry Mom said “but there was no bananas so what was I going to do?”

Orange you glad you weren’t this poor clerk?

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