The 19 Worst Retail Stories from Hell

The 19 Worst Retail Stories from Hell



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Imagine working at a shop that sold nothing but duvet covers and duvets. Boring, no? Well this worker was hoping for a boring day when a customer showed up right when the store opened with a problem that could not be solved. The store sells 140 centimeter duvets and 135 centimeter duvet covers. This is standard in the bedding industry.

However, the customer was outraged by the five centimeter disparity. She could not understand that manufacturers simply did not make 140 cm duvets. The employee politely explained that having a narrower duvet cover helps to ensure that the duvet is filled out nicely. This explanation did not satisfy the lady, which demanded to see the manager while a crowd of anxious customers lined up behind her to pay for their items. When the manager explained that the company does not sell 140 centimeter duvets, the lady started screaming in his face. Bedding, it’s a BIG deal.

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