The 19 Worst Retail Stories from Hell

The 19 Worst Retail Stories from Hell


Shelf-Stocker, Not Shit-Shoveler

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There seems to be a big disparity between companies that make their retail workers clean the bathroom and those which do not. For example, Books-A-Million makes their booksellers clean the toilets. Barnes & Noble usually does not. Although you would assume that grocery stores have janitorial staff, unfortunately that is not always the case!

Kevin Strange had a horrifying experience as a grocery store clerk. Although his job description was stocking the shelves, one day the manager ordered him to clean the women’s restroom. Upon opening the stall door, he found feces sprayed on every wall. Kevin quit his job because “I was hired to stock shelves, not clean up shit.” Do you think retail employees should clean the restroom, or should stores hire janitorial workers?

This next customer horror story features a made-up reason for a refund, and it’s well, it’s quite dumb.

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