Yikes, These People Had the Worst Vacation EVER!

Yikes, These People Had the Worst Vacation EVER!


From the classic Vacation movies starring Chevy Chase to the current TV show The Detour, family vacations are ripe for satire and family strife. Sometimes vacations go awry because of violence, or illness, or sometimes things just seem to fall apart all at once. Here’s a collection of some people who had the worst vacation ever! Click to start the slideshow!

Trip With Dad

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A redditor reminisced about going on a solo vacation with her father as a teenager. She and her father went to San Diego for the week. Unfortunately, the girl got her period for the first time. She had no idea what was happening, did not tell her father and decided she was going to die. When she got home, the girl immediately told her mother she was bleeding and was about to die. Sympathetic mom had a great laugh and explained everything.

This couple’s vacation was interrupted by terrorists how many times? Wait until you see!